Impromptu Dinner: Kale & Potato Wraps

This is a super quick and easy dinner I just made up the other night.  In boiling some fresh red potatoes for a potato salad I had a few leftover which I cut up and drizzled with olive oil.  Then I added a bit of salt, some nutritional yeast (a non vegan option would be parmesan), a dash of pepper and a little cumin and garlic. 

I took the still warm potatos and wrapped them in raw kale leaves and ate them just like that. They were amazing!  So fast and so easy and a fantastic alternative for those who are trying to cut down on bread/grains in their diets.  I can think of a million variations you could play with in terms of seasonings or sauces (think curry or mayo/garlic, honey mustard, italian, etc…).  Try it and let me know what you create!


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