Dining Out: Cru

I’m always searching for great healthy places to eat – especially ones that specialize in vegan or vegetarian cuisine.  Lucky for me, Los Angeles is a very friendly town when it comes to eating out and eating well and there is no shortage of excellent restaurants that cater to the health conscious herbivore.

I discovered Cru in Silverlake about six months ago and its become one of my favorite places to go for dinner – and definitely ranks in my top three places to go for dessert.    Everything they serve is organic, vegan and gluten-free.   The menu is a mixed of cooked and raw appetizers, entrées and desserts and I’ve loved almost everything I’ve ever had.  Hands down my favorite is the Quinoa Mushroom Risotto which I attempted to make a non-vegan version of last night (see my next blog post for the recipe).  A second favorite runner-up is the Mezze Platter which I believe I’ve gotten as an appetizer every single time I’ve been there.  The apple beet salad makes me a very happy girl.  I also recommend the Polenta Cakes. 

And then there’s dessert. True to my heart, they only sweeten with raw honey or agave so you can avoid the nasty white sugar fix.  Raw desserts can be tricky to do well – but they’ve got them nailed here.  I almost always get the Coconut Chocolate Mousse Pie (heavenly!) but they were out when I was there this past Sunday so my friend and I tried two tasty treats and split them: the Chocolate Truffle Cake and a the Key Lime Pie (not regularly on the menu, although I think it should be).  The Truffle Cake is dense and moist and so sinfully good I don’t know how it’s healthy.  And the Key Lime Pie was amazing.  Perfect texture and just the right tartness.  No need for eggs or sugar to exist in desserts when we’ve got people in the world who can whip cashews and coconut cream into such delectable goodness.

Prices aren’t cheap, but not ridiculously expensive either.  Dinner for two with appetizer, entrées, dessert and tip will run you around $65.  Not the cheapest meal in LA but worth it if you want a great meal in a nice place where you walk away feeling like you’ve just really really enjoyed doing something good for you.

Cru doesn’t serve any alcoholic beverages, but you can bring your own bottle of wine and there is no fee for corkage.  If you’re a wine drinker, try one of the growing number of amazing organic vegan wines that are hitting store shelves – a nice accompaniment to a fabulous meal.

Cru is located just up the street from Sunset Junction it’s a small restaurant angled off to your left.  No more than 13 or 14 tables sit inside and I noticed they now have a few outside as well.  I’ve found if I get there past 7 I usually have to wait a bit.  Reservations are only taken for parties of 6 or more.  If you find you have to wait a bit  try a Ginger Limeaid to pass the time – they are perfectly refreshing and the ginger will  fire up your digestion.

Parking in the area can be a bit challenging but there is street parking around and I tend to quite easily find a spot if I park in one of the non-permit residential areas around and just walk a few blocks to the restaurant.

Lunch is served daily from 11am – 4pm and dinner from 5:30pm-10pm. 

They also hold raw cooking classes on Sundays – see their website for details.

Find Cru online at http://www.crusilverlake.com/


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