100 Mile Diet: Day Four — Reaching Nirvana

I’m now on Day 4 of my 100 mile diet challenge and I’m trying to remember when I last felt this amazing.  There is a lightness to my body I had long since forgotten should, by all natural purposes, reside here within me.  I’m losing a little weight — not that I wanted to or that it was a goal — but I don’t feel hungry or deprived.  There is a difference between this and any cleanse or “diet” I’ve ever done in that I mentally know I can still eat anything I want.  It just has to come from within 100 miles of my home.  I do have to ask this – how can deprivation occur when I’m eating fresh pluots and sweet baby apples?  Goat cheese and pesto on heirloom tomatoes?  Farm fresh eggs boiled and eaten warm with just a sprinkle of salt while sitting in a sunny backyard?  There is no sense I am losing a thing here.  Only that I am gaining something that I have for so long strived for and advocated: a connection to my food.

In the next few blogs we’re going to delve more into the politics of local eating and the concern that surrounds issues such as GE foods (Genetically Engineered) and the industrial food system.  With a vote on “Frankenfish” (a salmon that would potentially be the first genetically engineered animal to reach market shelves) up for vote this week it seems like a timely and relevant topic to dive into.  If you haven’t heard much about the Frankenfish debate check out this link:  http://www.lavidalocavore.org/diary/3997/countdown-to-legal-frankenfish

My dinner tonight took me from the throes of common living straight into a state of nirvana so I feel compelled to share it with you.  I simply took a collection of harvest vegetables I picked up at the market on Sunday (baby potatoes, baby squash, and baby onions), tossed them with olive oil, garlic, salt and spices and roasted them in the oven at 450 for about 25 minutes.  I put them atop a bed of steamed kale and sprinkled a bit of goat cheese over the top.  I sat down to eat it — alone at a table with no books, no tv, no computer.  Just me and my plate of local foodstuffs.  There was something sacred about this experience.  Something I have been feeling a lot this week.  As I took my first bite I had to ask to myself the following question: has food always tasted this good? 

I venture to say no.


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