Kale Tacos

Photography by Sunshine Deal - http://www.chandrasoleil.com/

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a tasty taco.  Friends adore this healthy twist I’ve put on the traditional fare.  Tastes vary so much in terms on how people like their tacos so I’m merely giving you a list here of what I use in mine and ideas for you to take with you into the wondrous world of vegan/vegetarian tacos.

Shells:  I use organic blue corn taco shells.  I get mine at Whole Foods, but know that other Natural Foods markets carry them as well.  Blue corn is slightly lower on the glycemic index than yellow corn and also more digestible making it, in my opinion, a healthier option.  I also like the flavor that it lends and warm them in the oven slightly before serving.  The warm shell is so nice as a contrast to the cool toppings.

Fillings:  I start with sauteing yellow onions in a bit of coconut oil.  For each 1/2 onion I would say about 1 tablespoon of oil.  I add chili powder and sea salt to the onion as it’s cooking (add according to your preference for salty/spicy).  Once the onions are a nice golden brown go ahead and add the kale.  For 2 people you will probably use at least 1/2 a head of kale, if not more.  Play with it: if you use more taco meat or beans you might opt to use less kale.  I wash the kale and the tear the leaves off the stems and rip them into smallish pieces.  Saute with the onions at medium-low heat until the kale begins to soften.  Now you can add your meat.  Non-vegetarians may opt for traditional taco meat.  Vegans/Vegetarians can use black beans or I will often use the Taco Meat from Yves.  I’m not a huge fan of all the “extras” that go into the fake meats so this is a special treat around my house — not a standard everyday meal substitute.  You may want to add more chili powder or other spices  at this time as well, although the meat from Yves is fairly well-flavored.

Toppings:  Anything goes here!  Cheese is an obvious pleaser. Vegans can try one of many non-dairy options out there (Rice cheese is great shredded on these).  I like using Vegenaise on mine as well.  Fresh chopped cilantro, salsa, hot peppers, fresh tomatoes……make it great and healthy with a variety of fresh veggies or spices.  Everyone has their favorites — and even their favorite way of putting their taco together.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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