Four Days Down!

The first three to four days of a cleanse can be the hardest – and we’ve all survived!  In style at that.  The house menu has gone from 80% animal based/processed food products, 20% plant based to the utter opposite with at least 80% of our food now being vegetables and only about 10% animal based products, grains, nuts and seeds. No gluten, sugar, dairy or processed food whatsoever!  Next week we’ll be going entirely plant based….

Have there been detox reactions?  Yes.  All three of us have had headaches, body aches and a desire to go to bed a bit earlier than usual.  These are all normal cleansing reactions and we will probably see more of them as the days go by (Note: you can always ease your way through these by drinking more water and getting rest).  We’re all pretty content with what we’re eating, although Jovany dreams at night of binging himself on his beloved KFC and I’m a little lonesome without my morning cup of Joe.  The benefits are already beginning to be noticeable however:  I’ve gone down half a pound and feel more centered, Anthony has lost 2 pounds and also feels calmer and Jovany notes that his digestion has majorly improved.  He’s also waking up earlier and more energized and exercising daily for the first time in a few years.  We even all did Yoga in the park together the other night as the sun set.

There’s something to be said for making different choices….

Biggest challenges?  Jovany had a tough time turning down tamales someone brought into work and I struggled to say no to a free glass of wine at an event (right after a coupon for a free latte got left on my windshield).  Anthony hasn’t had any outside temptations but has found it hard to not eat meat.

So what are we eating?  Lots of kale, chard, lettuce, cucumbers, a million other vegetables, avocados, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, quinoa, brown rice and very limited fish, chicken and eggs (once each this week).  Anthony is using Brown Rice Protein Powder instead of Whey as he’s still lifting weights and I’m using a Raw Protein Blend in my morning shake as I exercise heavily as well (I’ll post recipe and instructions for these in the next few days).

I’m a proud Cleansing Mama Bear watching Anthony remark on how good a peach tastes in and of itself and seeing Jovany leave for the gym.  If we’ve gotten this far in four days imagine where we’ll be in 21?


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