Product Review: Trader Joe’s Kale Chips

I know I’ve ragged a bit on Trader Joe’s in the past for their tendency to carry so many imported items versus locally sourced ones, but I do still shop there for a couple of items and was pleasantly surprised to approach the register the other day and be greeted by Kale Chips.  At $3.99 a bag the price point is significantly less than I’ve found at other natural food retailers in the area and comes closer to what it costs me to make a batch at home (roughly $2-2.50 to yield about a third more).

The ingredient list is good – nothing in there I object to and if I’m reading the package correctly it’s a raw product, though they go the route of saying it’s prepared at a “low temperature”.  Sounds dehydrated to me.   From a nutritional standpoint the only drawback I have with them is that they are a little high in sodium.
ImageThe taste is good. It’s zesty, but not necessarily a “nacho” flavor or cheesy.  The taste of the cashews and sunflower seeds comes through strongly but not in an overwhelming way.

Two servings per package is accurate.  I ate half as a snack at work and the other half I used as a salad topping, which was a good idea since they are a bit crumbly and hard to eat when you get near the bottom of the bag

Overall, I give these two thumbs up for the price point and for being a better snack option than much of what you’re going to pick up in terms of packaged foods.  I still think the quality you get from making your own is much higher but if you’re on the run this is a good option.


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